40 Days, 40 Items

Today, February 14th, marks the beginning of the season of Lent.  Metaphysically, the season of Lent represents us letting go of our attachment to the physical world so that we can move more fully into our spiritual identity.  It is a period of preparation or cleansing.

In scriptures, it is represented by the number forty; it rained for forty days and nights in the great flood.  The Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years until the consciousness of those who built the golden calf was released.  Jesus fasted in the desert for forty days and forty nights, at the end of which he was ready to begin his ministry; after his resurrection, he remained on earth for forty days.

I have a forty day challenge for your spiritual growth, and it helps other people as well!  Each day of Lent, remove one item from your closet that you no longer wear or need and put it in a bag.  At the end of the forty days (Easter Sunday), bring those items to Unity, and we'll bring them to the homeless through our partnership with Urban Angels SF.