$5.5 Million!

That is our savings account balance today!  Rev. DeeAnn snapped a screenshot of it as the money hit our account.  Yesterday, May 1st, we closed on our Bush Street property, and we received the payment after our expenses.  "We are abundant," takes on new meaning!  We wanted to capture it before we wire transfer $2.7 million out of the account to buy our new spiritual home on Monday.

As I looked at that number, I thought of the thousands and thousands of dedicated individuals who have been given their time, talent, and treasure to Unity San Francisco.  That $5.5 million represents but a fraction of what so many have created here for the last 100 years.  We are indeed abundant.  We are divinely blessed and grateful.

Often, we don't get to see such a physical demonstration of the work that we do in the world.  I am so thrilled to say thank you to every one of you who have so selflessly given, and to bow my head in appreciation to the dedicated ministers, members, and staff who came before.  Each and every one of you has made this moment possible!

Thank you, God!  Thank you, everyone!