I am the creator and a facilitator of Absolute Abundance (A Unity Prosperity Course), and I am also one of its students.  If you are like me, you may have taken many such classes through the years and read many books on the subject of Prosperity and Abundance. What I have uncovered in the process of creating and teaching this class, is that to be truly abundant I must remain open to learning. I must remain in the beginner’s mind. When I think I know something, or that someone else has nothing to teach me, I block the flow of good in my life. It is then amazing how quickly limited and negative thinking return and take hold of my conscious mind once again.

You see, my journey to this place has been a long one. In 2003, I was at my bottom mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.  When I first took a Prosperity Class at Unity of New York, I had managed to crawl out of the deep hole of addiction I had dug for myself just far enough to know that I longed for something greater. I heard the teachings of abundance and prosperity on Sundays at Unity services, but they were not fully manifesting in my life yet. So, I signed up for a 12 week class and took the giant leap of tithing of my time, talent and treasure. Ok, to be honest, at that time tithing of my treasure was not that big a deal, because I was making so little. Ten percent of my income at the time did not add up to much. I figured I didn’t have anything to loose and everything to gain.  Boy, was I right!

Twelve years later, I sit here writing this and my life is completely different.  Then, I shared my apartment with two other people so that I could afford the rent. Today, I share my home with three other people and a dog, because they are my family. Then, I was always waiting for the next check to arrive or the next payday so that I could pay my bills and juggle the massive credit card debt that I had accumulated.  Today, I wait for the next payday and check so that I can help others and donate to causes I believe in. OK, and go shopping!  Twelve years ago, I worried that I was too old to succeed, that time had passed me by. Today, I am planning for my vibrant future with my husband and two children.  In short, I am living a life beyond my dreams because I applied these principles and practices in my life and I was willing to be a beginner.