Baby Steps

I have identified a 4 Step process of Manifestation, which I teach in my Absolute Abundance class.  The steps are:

  1. Name and claim your dream
  2. Take concrete steps toward your goal
  3. Share your journey
  4. Be open and flexible

Step One in the process of manifestation calls you to Name and Claim Your Dream.  What are you willing to commit to today?  On what will you put your name?  I know that if you look back on the achievements of your life, you will see that every one of them came through commitment and action.  Each success constitutes a series of small steps, culminating in what appears to be a significant breakthrough.

However, baby steps are not insignificant for the baby!  They are a life-changing achievement.  A baby learning to walk is achieved by a clear goa, through the process of trial and error.

Today, you can take baby steps toward the most significant achievements of your life.  Are you willing to begin?