Birthing Joy This Christmas

In this season of Advent, we are preparing the way for the birth of our own Christ nature.  It does no good to believe that Christ was born in Jesus 2000 years ago if it cannot be born in you and me today.  We symbolically prepare the way with our thoughts, actions, and meditations.  As we lift and shift our consciousness, we prepare for a bright future in a world that works for everyone with no exceptions.

This Friday, we will celebrate the coming of the light with our Candle Lighting Service, and on Sunday, we will celebrate the lighting of the last candle on our Advent wreath: the candle of Joy.  I believe that Joy is the result of our realization of the connection we have to all other beings, truly knowing that we are all one Holy Family.

My Christmas wish for all of you is that your dreams and desires be fulfilled this holiday season and that your divine self is fully seen and heard this year.  You are magnificent, and you are a gift to the world.