Board of Trustees

President - Chris Morency

I was first introduced to New Thought teachings 10 years ago. And after moving from the West coast to the East coast and back again, I have attended several Centers for Spiritual Living and Churches of Religious Science. Then in 2011, I finally joined Unity of Berkeley and truly resonated with the Unity Principles and teachings. When Unity of Berkeley's doors closed in 2013, Unity of San Francisco became my spiritual home. Serving as a volunteer and/or on the Board is just a way to give back to this community.








Co-Treasurer - Joel Canon

I discovered Unity in Norman, Oklahoma in 2008 after leaving a traditional religion of 30+ years. A few months later I moved to NorCal and landed on Unity San Francisco as my Spiritual Home. I jumped right into classes and offered to volunteer to deepen my Spiritual practice. Those two areas are the reasons I feel I quickly connected to the Unity Community and achieved significant Spiritual growth. I am grateful for all Unity SF has given me which makes serving as the Board Treasurer one way I can give back. 




Secretary - Ray Kingsley

Ray is originally from Washington State and has lived in the Bay Area for more than 20 years.  He started life on a farm, and his spiritual journey began in a wheat field. There, accompanied by a massive imaginary congregation, he conducted a worship service in honor of a glycerin rose liberated from his mother’s bedroom.  

Affiliations with more formalized religious organizations followed, including membership in Southern Baptist, Congregational, and Unity faith communities.

Ray was drawn to Unity because it provided a path to self-discovery and spiritual healing.




Vice President - Ali Langton

I am currently a student at the Chaplaincy Institute Interfaith Seminary pursuing both ordination as an Interfaith Chaplain as well as certification as a spiritual director while pursuing my love of Yoga as a teacher-in-training.  I am learning to listen to that Divine voice within, following my call and longing to be the “Yoga Chaplain”! With over 25 years as a zoologist, including 9years at the California Academy of Sciences/Steinhart Aquarium, I also bring the unique experiences of the furry, feathered, and scaled into my life and ministry.
My own interfaith spiritual path, meditation, and prayer practices have included 12-Steps, Earth-based spirituality, Christianity, Zen Buddhism, Vedic meditation, Yoga, and Judaism among others. I have found great benefit in exploring the many different types of meditation and prayer particularly through affirmative prayer as a Prayer Chaplain, experiencing the dynamic, rich, and layered transformation potential in this powerful form of prayer that has become my doorway to all that is Holy.  
UnitySF has become my spiritual home and is a source of tremendous joy, gratitude, and inspiration.  I feel deeply blessed to have found my way to such rich and practical spiritual teachings with a truly lovely group of fellow travelers.  Unity distills and exemplifies the deepest spiritual truths revealed across faith traditions and is an authentically welcoming and wholly evolved spiritual path.

Co-Treasurer - Susan Ives

My New Thought journey began in 1986 when my son was born.  His birth was a life changing experience and I was overwhelmed by emotion.  I had many questions which my traditional religious beliefs could not answer.  These questions led me on a metaphysical journey for and I soon discovered I needed a supportive spiritual community to help me along the way.  

I am most grateful for the wonderful classes and people I’ve met at the Divine Science Church in Washington, D.C.  and in Unity.  These people and lessons have influenced my relationships and my work as a healthcare designer. 

I moved to the Bay Area from Maryland where I attended Unity of Gaithersburg.  Finding a supportive community at Unity of San Francisco eased my transition.  Becoming a Board member allows me to serve as and inspire this vibrant spiritual community and to join others who share my journey.





Member at Large - Dave Cooperberg

I have lived in the Haight with my spouse Allen Klein since 1980. I helped him raise his daughter from age 12. (Of course she also raised us.) Cheerios joined us in June, 2011 as an 8 weeks old, energetic puppy.

Professionally, I work as a psychotherapist in a part time private practice.

I grew up Jewish outside of New York City, embraced Buddhism—mostly Zen and Tibetan—after moving to California in the early 1970s. Meditation remains central to my practice. I followed Allen into Unity SF in 2010, became a prayer chaplain in 2013, and have been taking SEE classes with an eye toward becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher.

Senior Minister -Rev. Ken Daigle

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