Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Do you want more in your life: more success, leisure time, fun, or a special relationship?

Personal fulfillment in your life happens in direct relation to your ability to break through your self-imposed limits.  In other words, wealth, peace, health, supportive relationships, and lieusre time appear in your life through your ability to adapt.

Early on, we make unconscious decisions about life, love, and wealth; these decisions become the limiting factors in our ultimate achievements.  For example, you may start a new routine or activity in your life with vigor and enthusiasm.  However, when your mind contains buried beliefs and memories of lack and limitation, your efforts to create something new will be thwarted.

Knowing just what those decisions are is the first step to breaking the cycles of limitation and self-sabotage that many of us experience.  To move beyond where you are now and into a life of love and abundance, something in your consciousness has to shift, and you have to change.  After all, "if nothing changes, nothing changes."

This Sunday, we will continue our look at Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.  I invite you to join us and to answer the question: How much love and success are you willing to experience in your life?