Building Sale

Today, I have signed the documents to sell 2222 Bush Street!  This process has been a living demonstration of our principles of Abundance and Mind Action.  While in many ways this process is just beginning, I am impressed by how it worked, just as "The Steps of Manifestation" describes.

1.  We named and claimed our highest good.

  • We acknowledged the asset that our building is, and that it was only one aspect of our abundance.
  • We were open to the possibility that there may be a better spiritual home for us.

2.  We took concrete action toward our goal.

  • We took steps to explore all the possible ways in which we could operate, weighing the benfits of both buying and leasing.
  • We took the steps and spent the money necessary to prepare our building for sale.

3.  We shared our journey.

  • We set a price for our building and put it on the market.
  • We waited patiently for the right buyers to materialize and when they did, we ended up with one million dollars over the asking price.
  • We said no to new building locations that were not right for us and always remained open to finding the right and perfect place - communicating each step along the way to the community.

4.  We were open to how it would show up.

  • When we were asked to look again at 240 Page Street (to which we had originally said "no"), it had dropped $500,000 in price, and it looked much better.
  • We then took the time to discern if 240 Page Street was in our best interest; this included spending money on architects and consultants.  In doing so, we found answers for all the things that we could.
  • Then we had to decide to leap or walk away, and the Unity community, in total unison, decided to take this leap together.

This last step led us right back to number one, where we start this process all over again.  I look forward to going through this next incarnation with all of you!