Calling Forth Our Good

What have you manifested this year?

We have called forth 2018 as Our Year of Manifestation.  So, please take a few minutes to reflect upon what you have co-created this year and jot them down.  Then, take a few minutes to write me a note and share your blessings with all of us.  Writing it down and sharing it can be a way to anchor your achievements and create more.  Besides, your stories of manifestation are an inspiration to so many.

We did that exercise for Unity San Francisco this morning, and look what the staff and I discovered!  So far this year, we have manifested an amazing livestream system, new sound equipment, new screens for our lobby, a new computer for the office, and a matching grant to help pay for it all.  For our spiritual services, we hosted incredible guest speakers, new singers, new Sunday staff, potluck Sundays, welcomed new members, "The Spiritual Lessons of Hamilton," sixteen Prayer Chaplains, a new Licensed Unity Teacher, and Wednesday night Spiritual services.  With your ongoing and consistent giving, we have expanded the hours for our Associate Minister and our programming.  Our Social Outreach has expanded greatly, and we are helping many people through our partnerships with other agencies.  For the sanctuary, we have new carpeting, a new painting for the platform, and we have accepted a wonderful offer on our current building.  All of this and we are not done yet!

I want to give thanks to all of you who have helped to manifest these and so many more things - you are Unity San Francisco, so these are all part of your year of manifestation!

Join us in person or via livestream to practice our positive spiritual teachings.