Candlelight Day of Remembrance

Event Date: 
7:00pm to 10:00pm

Candlelight Day of Remembrance

Gather, Celebrate, and Remember
Wednesday, November 1st
7:00 PM

Like the Mexican Dia de los MuertosSamhain, the Gaelic and Pagan festival marking the end of the harvest season, and the Christian holiday, All Saint's Day, Unity San Francisco takes this day to gather, honor, and remember friends and family who have passed beyond our sight.

Come and light a candle in their memory.  By remembering, they live again in us.  It is a harvest, we can reap again...just by remembering.


PICTURES FOR THE ALTAR - Starting Sunday October 8th

Bring pictures of your loved ones for our church altar.  It honors them to be remembered.  You can honor your people, your animal companions, your spiritual teachers (sometimes they may have four legs...)

JOIN US for the 8th Annual Celebration of life...and death.

Share a memory with us, tell a story, or sit quietly with us and we will remember together.

It is a beautiful circle of life: honor yourself by honoring them.