Centennial Tithe

As part of our Centennial Celebration, Unity San Francisco is tithing $270,000 to people and organizations that have spiritually fed us, whom we know will be active participants in our dynamic next 100 years.  From some of the fantastic local musicians who bring inspiration to us weekly, to the 100-year-old grounds of Unity Village, we are so grateful for the abundance of our world.

While discussing the tithes we are giving, I was recently asked, "Don't you want to wait and make sure you don't need the money?"  I responded, "If I did, I would never tithe a penny!"  There will always be bills to pay and maintenance to do; a tithe is an act of bold assurance, in the knowledge that taking care of your spiritual life first will provide you all the material supply you will ever need.

We are tithing because we know that the monies we give will continue to bless and enrich us for years to come.  This past week, we gave a $10,000.00 tithe to Unity Vision, a program to bring sight to men, women, and children in rural India.  Take a look at the video below and see what one person with a vision can do, and join us in building and supporting Unity Vision!

Donate to Unity Vision by clicking here