A Change In Me

One of the primary teachings of New Thought is, "Your thoughts create your life."  As Louise Hay used to teach, "I am 100% responsible for everything in my life."  Therefore, we teach that if you want to know what you are thinking or what you believe, look at your life.  Do you have enough money to do the things you dream of?  Do you have the time you need to enjoy your life?  Are illness and injury preventing you from living life to the fullest?  Do your friends and family understand and support you?  Your answers to these questions illustrate what you hold in consciousness.

Over the last four weeks, I have come face to face with this teaching.  It has confronted me, inspired me, and challenged me to re-examine what I believe about our core teachings.  This Sunday, I will explore this teaching and hopefully shed some light on this principle for all of us.

Here at Unity San Francisco, we have often affirmed, "I am willing to be changed at the core."  I know that my experiences with Joshua have changed me, so join me this Sunday as I discuss how we can use life's challenges to propel us to a higher way of being.