Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life

I have an abundant and prosperous life!  I see my body as whole and healthy.  I know that love is my birthright as a divine being.  I am surrounded by loving family and friends. I know all of these affirmations to be true. Unity and New Thought taught me how to change my belief system (my “B.S.”) and change my life. By applying Unity’s teachings, I was able to change my life from one of drug addiction and pain to a life of love, abundance, and health.

So, why do I resist change, when change is the reason I have all of these things in the first place? I find it funny, and I try to treat myself with compassion, during those moments when I don’t trust the changes that are happening in my life and the world. As if the God of my understanding would ever be plotting to take away my happiness and good!

I personally know, and Unity teaches, that the power of creation and manifestation lies within me because I am one with God itself. Therefore, I created the Absolute Abundance class because I have been transformed by practicing our principles. I teach and take this class to remind myself that creation is an ongoing event; that my life is constantly changing for the better when I hold positive thoughts in consciousness.

I invite you to step up and co-create your abundant life filled with love, joy, health, peace, and all the wealth you will need.  Class starts this Sunday at 1:00 pm - I hope to see you there!