Classes and Events

Spiritual Development Classes and Events at Unity San Francisco

Unity San Francisco features numerous services, classes, concerts, videos, and other opportunities for spiritual development. In fact, these outreach offerings constitute a major part of our mission, and we are constantly adding new and exciting features to our calendar.

For a full listing of our upcoming workshops, seminars, and other events, please visit our calendar.

Regularly occurring events

Meditation Before Service

Each Sunday before our regular Service, we invite you to join Rev. Eleesabeth Hager for a meditative gathering.  We call these guided meditations an "amuse-bouche" - or a small, complimentary appetizer - designed to put you in the spirit for the Service to follow.

Meditation Before Service begins 45 minutes prior to the regular Sunday Service, and lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Spiritual Playdate: God for Kids in a Modern World

Unity San Francisco has launched its Spiritual Playdate program, and we invite your children to be a part of it!

This program is a fresh, new interfaith method for children to share, teach, learn, and explore spirituality.  Spiritual Playdate is a lightly structured, regularly committed time to talk about God, common principles, and traditions, and will be presented to children during our regular Service each week.

The compilation of materials used in the program includes books, meditations, movies, prayers, and songs that are designed to introduce them to spiritual ideas and enhance their life weekly.




Absolute Abundance: Pathway to Permanent Prosperity

A prosperity course like none other!  In Absolute Abundance, Rev. Ken Daigle blows the doors off of all of your preconceived notions regarding what abundance is and what it is not.

In this ten-week course, you will get the real skinny on why "I already know that" is standing in your way and preventing you from reaching the level of abundance you so richly deserve.  You will receive a blueprint for how to manifest the money you desire, time to enjoy it, relationships that are rewarding, and work that is fulfilling and fun.

Offered regularly throughout the year in various modules, Absolute Abundance is the definitive course for how to jumpstart your life.