Conscious Intention

Since the moment you were born into this life, you have been expressing the deepest intentions of your soul.  Your personality, aptitudes, attitudes, and disposition are reflections of these intentions.  You can see this clearly in siblings; their parents will gladly tell you, "They came out that way!  We raised them both the same, yet they couldn't be more different from one another."

Some call it personality, and some know it as soul - something that we came here to work on.  THis week, we will work at becoming conscious of our unconscious intentions so that we can more clearly choose what we want to experience and who we want to be in this life.

As we grew up, we all found ways to protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable, from painful emotions, and from being disappointed.  Usually, this meant that we put on armor; we used our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as shields, and then we learned how to turn them into weapons.  But the most frightening adaptation is how we learned to hide ourselves, to disappear.  As adults, it is now time to live large, to live with courage, purpose, and connection; in short, to be brave.  As conscious beings, we have the choice to take off the armor, turn the weapons into plows, and overturn the well-trodden ground and let ourselves be seen.