Creating our Lives

The basis of all Unity teachings is that we are creating our lives by the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold.   If we believe that life is working for us then we will experience everything as a great conspiracy to bless us. If we believe that life is hard, the universe will show us just how hard life can be.
I am constantly reminding myself of these Truths, and know that life is lived inside out: from what I believe to what I see. Then, as a conscious co-creator, I lift my thoughts to the good I expect. The good that is here but perhaps not in my line of vision. Then, I wait for it to show up.
We have named 2017, A Year of Abundance, not because it is different than any other year, but because as we see it, so it will be. In doing so, we are all calling in our blessings, our good, our prosperity, our health, and all the love there is! Join with us and know this is our year of abundance.
You are abundance,