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In our modern society, because we have been carefully taught to identify with our achievements, careers and accomplishments, we are gripped with an existential anxiety, a desperate search to find something greater out of the meaning of life.  We have forgotten the essential truth that while it may be necessary to hold a job or to make a living, our job, our career, or our role is not the true essence of who we are.  As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

One of the most amazing transitions you can make in this life is the shift in your understanding of who and what you are.  This shift will move you from being a doctor, a lawyer, a mother or father, a laborer or a manager to a giver and receiver of love in all of its forms.  This seismic shift can take you from describing yourself as your earthly job to your heavenly one; it allows you to move from viewing your work as a job to viewing it as a calling.