Divine Feminine/Masculine?

Parenting has taught me that I can be more than I think I am. In so many situations I have been mother, father, kid, provider, safety officer, teacher and playmate. All of them are parts of me that I can pull forward when they are needed.

I have also had to let go of labels and gender-based identity; it makes no difference to my daughter what my gender is, so when she calls me "Mommy", it is not about my gender, it is about her need.  I can be her mommy, and actually now ask her, "Do you need me to be Mommy right now?"  Many boys and girls are very comfortable playing with gender. They don't see it as fixed, so why do we?

It has also taught me that I am not in control.  Things will happen all around me that I am powerless to stop, yet I have to clean them up. Correct that: I get to clean them up.  What an honor it is to be nurse or maid, to care for another being and to demonstrate to them that there is a power for good actively working in their life. 

Last Sunday we sang Face of God as our congregational song. We are not only the face, but the hands and action of God here on earth.  Today, you can choose to live fully into your divinity, your divine feminine/masculine.  Or give up the gender identity altogether and ask, "What does this situation need me to be?" Then to call it forward.