Divine Order

 Is Divine Order at work in your life? 
One of the Newtonian laws of physics is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. A spiritual person might even call that physical law Karma. Look at a pendulum, when it swings in one direction; it must fall back, just as far. Something we never seem to notice in the midst of the event.
In Quantum Physics, items that are bound together, continue to be connected despite being physically separated. Electrons that are spinning together can be moved to other ends of the earth and still will synchronize their rotations. 
As I look at the world, I know that the physical and the spiritual are the same. Newtonian physics, Spiritual principles, Quantum physics are all on a continuum of our understanding and capacity to explain or identify. However, our lack of comprehension does not diminish the principle or law.
This Sunday, we will look at Divine Order, our imbedded theology, and our spiritual practices to see how to integrate the serenity, physics, and spirituality into our lives.