The Eye of the Storm

"Things may happen to you, and things may happen around you, but the most important thing is what happens inside of you." -- Eric Butterworth

There can be no planning for unexpected life events - and yet, there are things that enable us to be present and spiritually conscious for it all.  During my time in Nashville for Joshua's birth and recovery, one of those things has been Unity San Francisco.  The emotional support from you all has been incredible, and my uninterrupted salary and continued health insurance coverage have enabled our family to concentrate on Joshua without adding financial stress to our lives.  I can't say "thank you" enough for this.

Many people have been asking, how can we support you?  The simplest and most effective way is to support Unity San Francisco with your financial, spiritual, and physical gifts.

So, I invite you to step up your support of Unity during this time and help us to continue to grow our community.  Rev. DeeAnn has always done an outstanding job, and, in my absencec, she has handled the unexpected while increasing the spiritual life of our community.  We are so delighted that she can stay on at her sabbatical level of employment during my paternity leave and through the rest of 2018.  We are up to big things!  Livestreaming, a new spiritual home, and our Wednesday Night Services are just a few of the fantastic things that we have in the works.

Support us to ensure that our spiritual teachings reach those who are seeking a new way to live, grow, and be.