Finding Comfort in Change

Change, while it is the only constant in the Universe, is not always easy to accept or manage.  So much so, that businesses often create management processes for their teams - because when we are faced with significant changes in our lives, we recreate something from our old lives to bring us comfort.  This recreation can be a healthy behavior, or it can be a self-limiting or sabotaging strategy.  Spiritually speaking, the key to navigating change is awareness and acceptance.

As we, as a community, navigate the recreation of our physical home, we will find ourselves disturbed by ideas, designs, and concepts we don't like.  I often think of the saying, "Everyone wants to grow, but most people don't want to change."  Every one of us is going to be challenged to change over the next few years as we consciously and purposefully create a new home for Unity San Francisco by letting go of our personal preferences and looking at what will serve more people.

To create our change management process over the next weeks and months, we will be organizing teams to brainstorm all of the different aspects of our building renovations.  These will include, but are not limited to Kitchen Design, Accessibility Design, Children's Program, Interior Design, and Exterior Design.  If any of these areas interest you, please write to us at so that we can include you in our teams.

I thank you all for your passion and commitment to Unity San Francisco, and I look forward to working together to fulfill our Vision and Mission Statements as we co-create our new physical home!