Give through AmazonSmile

Did you know that you can contribute to Unity San Francisco without it costing you a penny?


By using the Amazon link on the lower left-hand side of each page on our website!

Amazon has a wonderful program called Amazon Smile, which will help you to give money to Unity without it costing you anything more than the price of your order!

Simply remember Unity San Francisco every time you that you are planning to buy something on Amazon.  Then come here to our website, click on the Amazon logo in the lower left-hand corner, and we will receive a percentage of what you spend, donated by Amazon.

In other words, buy your gifts from Amazon:

  1. Go to our website at
  2. Look for the Amazon box at the bottom of any page.
  3. Click on the box.  You will be taken to the Amazon homepage, where you can begin shopping.
  4. Complete your purchase, and that's all!

Amazingly, we will then be awarded a small percentage of the total amount that you spend – and the more you spend, the more we receive.

It’s no cost to you, and a gift to us!  We thank you for your support.