A more elegant synonym for grit might be tenacity. However grit has an earthiness and textural feel about it that I think describes what it feels like when you are in the midst of using it.

We all have grit, that ability to persist and persevere through difficult circumstance. But we all don’t use it in the same ways.  Did you know that research shows that the most successful people in life are not successful because they are more talented or more fortunate. We are not born winners or losers.  We are successful because we are willing to keep getting up, and trying again and we fail when we stop trying.

Yet it is even more than that.  When we are willing to be coached to keep getting up, looking at what we did, how we fell short and seek help and feedback on how we could improve, we are halfway home. Then when we get up and practice the techniques and exercises that will hone their abilities and craft, over and over again, we become successful. 

Still, the truly gritty know that hitting the bull’s-eye once is meaningless unless we can do it over and over again.  The ability it keep going, keep improving and to keep striving, is Grit. We all have it, we all can grow it, if we are willing to keep on keeping on.

Join us as we keep getting grittier and grittier.