Holding the High Watch

During Rev. Ken's sabbatical, Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency will be contributing to the weekly blog.

There has been so much unfolding in the world this week!  Some of it is hopeful and inspiring, while some is deeply painful.  My teacher, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, taught me that all of those newspaper headlines are prayer requests - so, I continually turned to prayer this week, holding all the world in a space of peace and love.

The beginning of Ramadan this week invites us to join the consciousness of 1.8 billion Muslims as they reflect and fast during this holy time.  As a spiritual practice, fasting allows us to break free from our day-to-day experiences.  In Unity, we can choose to fast from the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us, reflect upon how we are called to be a greater expression of compassion, and, in the process, we see ourselves and the world anew.

Unity teaches that there is more at work than what we can see, taste, touch, and smell, and to always go deeper.  We have an opportunity to hold peace in the midst of anger, know love in the midst of seeming hate, and anchor faith in the midst of fear.  This is what we practice, knowing that we are truly creating a world that works for everyone.