Intention Is Everything

When you set your intention, you focus the energy everywhere around you and within you to the creation of the ideas of your mind.  You focus the very substance of God in your life.  Do you react to what happens, rather than using your power of intention to shape the happening of the day?

Every morning this week, wake up and decide that you are going to be blessed.  Every morning, state, "I intend to see abundance in my life."  Then imagine yourself enjoying something that would seem like a luxury to you: a great meal, a spa day, a promotion or raise at work, an unexpected meeting with a friend or good news from your doctor, or plans materializing for a great vacation.  All throughout the day, remind yourself of your intention by affirming, "I am abundant."  No matter what happens, remind yourself, "I am abundant."  Determine to see everything through your intention.  By setting your mind to abundance, you are programming the operating system of the universe to work on your behalf.  You are focusing the power of the universe on what you want, rather than on the fulfillment of your fears.

Join us this Sunday as Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett talks with us about unleashing the power within us!