The Joy of Retreat

During Rev. Ken's sabbatical, Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency will be contributing to the weekly blog.

Unity San Francisco held its annual Prayer Retreat this past weekend, an opportunity to explore what is unique to Unity and New Thought: the incredible gift of Affirmative Prayer.  Participants dived deep and were immersed in the healing power of Affirmative Prayer.  We made room for personal and collective healing to unfold as we supported and listened deeply to ourselves and to each other.  It was such a joy to gather together as we played, explored, and experienced Affirmative Prayer in new ways.

That is the power of coming together in sacred community.  Together, we amplify the healing potential.  We touch and are touched.  We love and are loved.  We see and are seen.  We heal and are healed.  There is nothing more empowering or rejuvenating than the awareness that we truly are held.  Held by that Divine Principle of Love that is everywhere present, and by its expression, those who we can see, touch, and feel.

And so, I look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we come together in sacred community and anchor our awareness of the One Love living as each of us.