Lift You Up

Last Sunday, I shared the story of a young woman born deaf and how her mother taught her to speak by repeating the word, "Up," while carrying her up the stairs and picking her up until she could say, "Up," for herself.  I shared this story with you because I believe that we are all that mother, and we are all that young woman.  We are all lifting each other up and being lifted up by those around us.

Today, we have the opportunity to know that we are divinely protected, guided, and cared for, and that at each omment in our lives the energy and power we call God is lifting us "Up."

When you feel like you can't go on, or that the deck is stacked against you, remember that you are never alone.  The energy and life force of the universe is lifting you up and helping you find your voice!

Here is the link to Caroline Clark's whole talk; the link to my talk from this past Sunday is below as well.

Caroline Clark, Stanford Business

Rev. Ken, "Baby Steps"