Make a Difference

My heart aches when I think of the events of this week. While I am calloused by the loss of life and the mind-numbing regularity of mass shootings, I know we should never give in to the idea that mass murder is ordinary. It is the time for all of us to rise and say enough; enough pain, enough heartache, enough fear, and anger. I will not accept the idea, that we are powerless in the face of gun violence or politics.

American democracy was designed to respond to our will and works when we express it clearly and loudly. It is time that we apply our moral and spiritual authority, and say in a loud and clear voice that we will not stand idly by while innocent people are slaughtered in the streets. We will not stand by while children are separated from their parents without any concern for the consequences of that action.

I am not starting a partisan discussion, but it is a political one. Political calculations have overtaken spiritual righteousness. Spiritually speaking there are no boundaries in the human race, we are all one. One people all equal and all deserving of life, liberty, and happiness. Our political and religious leaders seem to have forgotten this enduring truth. It is long past time that we reclaim our spiritual and moral power.

I urge you to rise above political calculations and do the right thing for the people of the United States and the people of the world by passing meaningful gun control and to stop the cruel and dangerous policy of separating immigrant families.

I have written the letter above to the three top political leaders of our country, and suggest that we all do. (Feel free to cut and paste) Spiritual authority does not come from ordination or a title, it comes from your internal moral compass. Below are links to the White House and the majority leaders of both houses of congress. Use them to make a difference.