The Truth is that we are always abundant.

There is not a moment of your life that is not abundantly blessed.

How do those two statements make you feel?  Do you think they are nonsense; do they make you angry - or do you know them to be Truth?  You may know that you are an expression of the Divine and that you are heir to the abundant universe, but did you know that there is only one thing that can keep that abundance from you?

That "one thing" is your own beliefs.  The Absolute Abundance courses that I have created are about living in the constant awareness of your prosperity.  It is about finding and releasing the blocks within yourself to the natural and persistent good, and constantly creating the consciousness to live in that abundance.

I purposefully use the term abundance rather than prosperity in the title of these courses for a simple reason.  I believe that abundance is the infinite supply of the Divine available to us at all times, whereas prosperity is our individual realization and manifestation of that abundance.  Further, I know Absolute Abundance to be the flow of creativity and a joyful way of life that includes, but is not limitied to:

  • Vibrant Health
  • Fulfilling Relationships
  • Work You Love
  • Financial Freedom

Join us for Sunday Service, and then stay to join the Absolute Abundance: Metamorphosis class as the the demonstration of your commitment to find more abundance in your life.