Million Dollar Baby

I am so grateful for the love, support, and prayers that you have shown to me, JD, and our entire family this week.  We are amazed by the abundant blessings in the midst of this situation.

First off, there is this amazing little boy named Joshua Connor.  He is a beautiful little being, and the first-rate medical care he receives from the loving staff at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) every day is beautiful to watch.  While he is getting better and better every day and in every way, Joshua's medical needs are severe.  He is on a ventilator and is being fed by an IV drip.  After his lungs and feeding are stabilized, we will then find out how the Ear Nose and Throat team of doctors plans to treat his breathing tube issues that accompany his cleft palate and lip.  While we fully expect his successful treatment and robust long-term health, his stay in the NICU and his recovery will be measured in weeks and months, not days.

For the immediate future (two weeks), I will be working from here in Nashville.  After that, JD and I will alternate our travel back and forth from California, making sure that at least one of us is always here with Joshua.  Rev. DeeAnn and I are working together with the amazing staff - Alex, Tylor, Diane, and Misa - along with our Sunday Service team and all of our fabulous volunteers to ensure that everything at Unity San Francisco continues to operate as normal.  We are so blessed to have Rev. DeeAnn in our lives and at Unity San Francisco!

JD and I have been reminded of the way in which everything works together for the highest good, when you let it.  JD's employer and the Unity San Francisco Board of Trustees have been incredible in providing the paid leave that we need to take care of our little one.  Because of this generosity, we have been able to be together as we care for Joshua, singing him songs, kissing his head, reading him books, and now even changing his very tiny diapers.  My brother drove his extra car up to us from Atlanta, and now, friends are giving us the use of their beautiful basement apartment down here in Nashville while we are caring for Joshua.  All of Joshua's medical bills - we call him our million-dollar baby - will be covered by Blue Shield of Tennessee, and when he comes home, he will be on our policy from Stanford that Unity San Francisco helps to cover.  We are abundantly blessed!

To say that this last week has been an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement.  I have had my heart opened and faith tested at every turn.  When we were told last THursday afternoon that Joshua might have some complications with his breathing anatomy and that he might require extra help, we said a prayer.  When that possibility came true, we watched the NICU medical team do some amazing and loving work in order to save and secure the life of our son.  This entire week has reminded me that the healing miracles described in the Bible happen every day, thousands of times a day, in the hospitals and medical centers of this world.  Everyday miracles - we are so blessed!