Vision, Mission, & Core Values

Our Mission:

We pray, celebrate, serve, and connect to inspire and transform ourselves and our world.

Our Vision:

We are a vibrant spiritual community that honors the Divine Presence in all, and radiates the Unity message through loving service.

Core Values:

As a spiritually conscious community, we practice the Five Unity Principles through these core values:

  • LOVE: God is Love.  We consciously choose Love in every situation.
  • INCLUSIVITY: We welcome and embrace all as expressions of the Divine.
  • JOY: Joy is our true nature.  It is what we bring to the celebration of life, independent of circumstance.
  • PRAYER AND MEDITATION: We faithfully turn within to connect with Infinite Wisdom.
  • SERVICE: We experience personal growth and self-realization as we intentionally give of our time, talent, and treasure in service to our community and the world.