Moltisanti Soul Singing & Sound Healing

Event Date: 
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Moltisanti Soul Singing & Sound Healing

With Donatella Moltisanti
Monday, February 11th
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Combining operatic vocalization and sacred chanting with crystal singing bowls and soothing instruments, Moltisanti Soul Singing transports you to a peaceful and deeply nourishing state.  Donatella's pure, heart-centered voice swirls around you and through you, like a cleansing mist that permeates your very being, releasing energetic debris and awakening your core.

Far beyond a mere performance, Moltisanti Soul Singing is a transformational event, invoking the power of music to facilitate a shift in consciousness - through which you effortlessly glide through a portal into wellbeing.  Moltisanti Soul Singing incorporates not only a powerful sound healing experience but also inspired teachings on energy healing.

During this event, Donatella will open with a discussion on Sound Healing, introducing an energy or a topic that she would like to focus on for the evening.  She will then move on to the sound healing portion of the event, leaving time at the end of the program for participants to share their experiences and ask questions.