My Will and My Life

Event Date: 
7:00pm to 9:00pm

My Will and My Life
An original play by Harry Cronin
Performed by John Tranchitella
Friday, June 30, 2017
7 - 9 pm

MY WILL AND MY LIFE is about Mychal Judge. He was the chaplain for the New York City Fire Department and the first registered death of 9/11. He died in the towers as they were being destroyed. He was trying to comfort the dying--blessing them, anointing them, praying with them. He wouldn't leave and the desctruction of the second tower finally killed him.

He worked with the poor his whole life (he was a Franciscan priest). He was also an alcoholic in recovery and worked with other alcoholics and drug addicts. His own life story--with its suffering-- became a vital means of helping others.

The play focuses on another first responder who was with him when he died. This first responder--named George--was helped by Mychal to finally face his own alcoholism as well as the other challenges in his life, including the fact that he was a tortured gay man.

The play focusses on spirituality as an instrument of healing and the many myriad ways in which human beings an help each other. It focusses on love as service and compassion.

A poignant look at the intersections of recovery and identity.

Free and open to the public.