No Separation

Last Sunday, I spoke about Unity's Second Principle, that God and I are One.  This statement does not make logical sense, yet it is spiritual Truth.  If God is all, the One Power and One Presence, then you and I and everything that ther is has to be made of God.  This concept is central to our theology, and there is no separation between the Divine source and ourselves.  Saying, "God and I," invokes the idea of something other than you, plus yourself.  In Buddhism, the first Noble Truth, dukkha, points to this central illusion of this world: our belief in separation from the Divine source.

In our suffering - separation - we take on the identity as a reason tnot to reach higher.  In Unity, we do not have a teaching of original sin; in fact, we hold that we are born as "Original Blessing," the Divine in earthly form.  In claiming our Divine birthright and Identity, we consciously step into our Divine Purpose.

In my talk on Sunday, I asked, what would your life look like if you knew who you really are?  I know that Youa re the light of the world.  Let your light Shine today.