Our Century

Unity has been a part of the fabric of San Francisco for 100 years!

A century ago, a group of Truth Students established a spiritual community, known as Unity Temple.  They gave their heart and soul to grow this community and to help thousands of people who were looking for a new way to understand their relationship to religion and to deepen their connection to Divine Mind.  And because they kept the flame going, Unity San Francisco has been sharing our message of positive spirituality with people all over the world - through wars, earthquakes, droughts, and social upheaval.  In 1954, Maya Angelou walked through our doors and heard the teaching that forever changed her life: "God Loves Me."

Hear Dr. Maya Angelou's Remarks

Since that time, we have continued to grow, continued to share our transformative teachings.  Each of us now has the opportunity to support Unity San Francisco so that it can continue to reach the thousands of people in San Francisco and around the world who are looking for our teachings and practices to empower and transform their lives.  Fill out your pledge card today and join with us as we pay it forward!