Our Century of Transformation

One hundred years ago, a group of spiritual students gathered together and started an organization called Unity Temple.  They met on Post Street in downtown San Francisco and began sharing the teaching and practices that have transformed the world.  In the century that has followed, this organization has changed names three times, from Unity Temple, to Unity Church of San Francisco, to Unity San Francisco.  We have changed locations nine times and have been served by over ten Senior Ministers, along with scores of Associate Ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers.

In addition to all of those changes, Unity San Francisco was founded the month after the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed by Congress, giving women the right to vote as well as signing the Treaty of Versailles, thereby ending the horr of modern warfare that World War I unleashed.  Within the first decade of our existence, we watched as our country went from boom to bust, and we, like all of America, dealt with the Great Depression and then World War II.

Through it all, our spiritual teachings guided us and showed us the way forward, as they continue to do today.  While we grapple with challenges that our founders could have never imagined, we all know that there is still war, hunger, financial and racial inequality, and political injustice - and, thanks to our 24/7 news cycle, you would think that there is even more of it now than there was one hundred years ago.  However, that is not the truth.  In fact, after over a hundred years of sharing our message, the Unity teachings of a loving God, positive thinking, peaceful living, affirmative prayer, and the innate worth of every human being are not only widely recognized.  They have changed the world in marvelous ways, and they remain the key to the healing of the world.

Therefore, it is with great joy and anticipation that I look forward to our celebration this Sunday as we launch our next century in San Francisco.  Join us for this incredible Service and party, in person or by livestream, as we celebrate and imagine our next century of transformation!