Our Year of Manifestation

This year we have named "Our Year of Manifestation."  What is it that you desire to see in your life in 2018?  I call upon you to name it and claim it, right now!  To bring into manifestation means that we are causing our desires to physically appear in our lives, by co-creating with the Divine energy we call God.

Last year was called our Year of Abundance, and you may wonder, what is the difference?  Abundance is the natural supply of all things in the Universe, the unlimited supply of Substance of God's good.  In our Year of Abundance, we worked at lifting our consciousness to the conscious awareness of that supply, with classes, workshops, prayer, and throughout all of our Sunday celebrations.  What a year of abundance it was!

Now, in Our Year of Manifestation, we can call forth all of the things that we desire that will serve us and the planet.  In my course, Absolute Abundance, I have outlined The Steps of Manifestation, and I will share them with you here so that you, too, can bring forth your good:

  1. Name and Claim Your Heart's Desire
  2. Take Concrete Steps Toward Your Goal
  3. Share Your Journey
  4. Be Open

In my Absolute Abundance classes and in all of our activities here at Unity San Francisco, we will be working on these steps with you so that you, personally, and we, as a Spiritual Community, will all manifest a magnificent 2018.  This week is the first step as we Name and Claim Our Heart's Desire through our White Stone Ceremony and Letters to God.  I invite you to join us at 10:30 am.

Happy New Year!