Out of Chaos -- Order

Out of Chaos, Order -- or so it seems.  When we are in the midst of turmoil or upheaval in our lives, it can appear that random events are overtaking all of our carefully laid plans.  It can seem like there is no paradigm in which to hold the events of life.  The spiritual and the scientific truth is somewhat different.  In science, it has been proven that even in seemingly random patterns there is an order - an order visible only if you step back far enough to see it.  In our spiritual teachings, we know that even though we can't see how God is at work, God is the pure and unlimited potential contained in each moment of our lives.

I like to think about it this way, "It all works out in the end.  If it is not working out, it must not be the end."

After a rejuvenating sabbatical and emotional journey that accompanied the birth of my son, Joshua, I am ever more grateful to be here in this community and recommitting myself to the work of Unity San Francisco.  From this vantage point, it has worked out wonderfully!  Join us in person or via our Livestream to practice our positive spiritual teachings.