Parenting as Spiritual Service

The Journey into fatherhood has led me to relearn the meaning of surrender and to embrace it totally.  I know I cannot control what happens to me or around me, nor can I control my children.  So, the only logical choice that remained for me was to let go and surrender.

While I might never call the years of waiting to become a parent, the heartbreaking disappointments on the journey, and the pain of betrayal, good, the experience has led me to this conclusion: In every moment, our highest good is seeking to find expression.  Even when, or especially when it doesn't feel like it.

Our teachings cannot give you a life without any pain, for life has its own plan and no amount of positive thinking can stop time from marching forward.  However, our Spiritual principles can prevent you from suffering and lead you to the good that is in each situation.

Each Parent and surrogate parent I know has experienced their greatest trials and deepest joys from the gift of parenting.  Join us this Sunday as we celebrate the spiritual gifts of Fatherhood.