Peace, Be Still

Last Sunday, we lit the Advent candle for peace, and Rev. DeeAnn shared a wonderful talk about how peace is our choice in every moment.  We can wake up from our slumber - and, like Jesus in the Gospel of Mark - tell the troubled waters of our mind to Be Still.  Today, in our nation and the world, we can and need to do just that, in order to still our minds and bring about peace.

I am experiencing this Advent season in my heart and my life as we remember Peace, Be Still in every moment.  Our foster son, Jaceon, whom many of you have come to know over the last eight months, will be leaving us shortly.  While I cannot be sure, we expect that he will move to an aunt's home in Fresno, right before Christmas.  My heart is full of love and joy, and full of hope and sadness, all at the same time.

For those of you who want to see Jaceon, this will most likely be his last Sunday at Unity San Francisco.  I also ask you to not say goodbye or to talk to him about the change that is happening, but to just let him know how special he is and what you have learned from him.  There is so much yet that we do not know, so we try to speak to him about these changes only when they are confirmed.  Not a perfect system, we know.  However, we strive every day to do what is in his best interest.

Peace, Be Still.