Peace That Passes All Understanding

In my first understanding of Unity teachings, I believed that I could affirm myself a peaceful life, and it would manifest before my eyes, without any work on my state of mind.  However, in my spiritual journey, I have been led to situations which have caused me great stress, or so I thought.  You see, what I have discovered is that the situation itself can never cause me stress.  Only my thoughts about the situation can cause me stress.  My belief that it is somehow not supposed to be that way, or that I am not supposed to have to put up with this or that, is the cause of my stress.  Not the situation itself.

If I truly want peace, then I must look at life through a different lens.  Today, I can see that the "understanding" of the world will always cause stress and that I can have peace when I pass the worldly understanding and take on a new spiritual lens.

This Sunday, we begin our second week of Advent and light the candle of Peace.  The peace that comes from spiritual understanding and passes all worldly misunderstanding.