Sunday, March 31st, 2019 was a very powerful day!  Thank you for your time, energy, and support.  The members present at our Town Hall Meeting voted unanimously to authorize the Board of Trustees to purchase 240 Page Street as our new spiritual home!

There are several last-minute details that we are working out.  DeeAnn and I have been working all week with our realtor and lawyer to get the very complicated details worked out, and we hope to have it all done by Friday at 5:00 PM.  Once all of the documents are agreed upon and signed, we will work on all the details and paperwork for our closing on Bush Street, set now for May 1st, and then Page Street on May 5th.

We know that the application of our spiritual principles and practices of visioning, affirmative prayer, positive thinking, and surrender are what has enabled this miraculous transition to advance to this point.  We ask you to join with us as we double down on these spiritual practices to lift us across the finish line and onto the next century of abundance for Unity San Francisco!