The Power of Prayer

Every spiritual path on the planet teaches and uses prayer in some form, whether you be Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Pagan, or Native American, we all pray. It is the great unifier of all of the world’s faiths. Unity and New Thought, however use a special brand of prayer, what we call Affirmative Prayer. This prayer method has been used by people around the world to heal from illnesses that doctors had described as hopeless, to mend relationships that others called doomed and to transform lives that many thought wasted.

I believe Affirmative Prayer is the most important legacy that Unity has given to the world and I know my life has been forever blessed by the practice of affirmative prayer.   Our annual training for Unity San Francisco Prayer Chaplains is taking place this weekend. However you don’t have to be a Prayer Chaplain to reap the benefits of affirmative prayer. What it takes is a dedication to the practice of daily prayer.  I invite you to pray with a prayer chaplain on Sunday or to call Silent Unity (800-669-7729) or to set your intention to start everyday with prayer.  Your dedication to what Charles Fillmore (our co-founder) called, “the most accelerated mind action known” will transform your life.