Prayer Chaplains

Prayer Chaplains at Unity San Francisco


Through the power of Affirmative Prayer, we anchor, embrace, and embody Divine Truth for ourselves, Unity San Francisco, and the world.
Unity San Francisco Prayer Chaplain Mission Statement

Unity San Francisco is blessed to have sixteen Prayer Chaplains who hold the high watch and are available to pray with the community.

For more information about the Prayer Chaplains and their role at Unity San Francisco, or if you are interested in becoming one yourself, please feel free to contact Rev. DeeAnn directly at  You may also submit a Prayer Request by clicking here; we look forward to praying with you.

  • Errol Roelofsz - Prayer Chaplain Emeritus
  • Nelson Barry - Senior Prayer Chaplain
  • Robert Kane - Senior Prayer Chaplain
  • Dave Cooperberg - Senior Prayer Chaplain
  • Marty Carls - Senior Prayer Chaplain
  • Ali Marie Langton
  • Carole Dolighan
  • Cherie McCoy
  • Connie Levin
  • Eleesabeth Hager
  • Francine Brevetti
  • Juanita Lucero
  • Laura Taylor
  • Noel Rivero
  • Ray Kingsley
  • Tylor Krueger