Praying Affirmatively

During Rev. Ken's sabbatical, Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency will be contributing to the weekly blog.

Affirmative Prayer is one of Unity's most powerful practices in which we consciously align ourselves with the Divinity that we are.

The first time I ever prayed affirmatively with someone, I was actually afraid!  I was familiar with rote prayers in a foreign language - not extemporaneous prayers in a language I actually understood.  Yet I was suffering, and so I was open to experiencing something I normally would have discounted.

As my prayer partner prayed with me, I felt the power of the Word.  I felt something within me rise up to meet the Wholeness she saw, the Love she was claiming, the Peace and Well Being that she wac activating.  As she saw the Truth of my Life, I felt hope in the midst of my despair; possibility in the midst of my hopelessness.  In that moment, I was forever changed.

As the Prayer Chaplains and others from the community go into retreat this weekend, know that we are holding you in that powerful field of affirmative prayer.  I look forward to sharing the experience when we return - and mark your calendars for the Prayer Chaplain Installation on August 19th when Rev. Ken joins us back from his sabbatical.