Principle and Practice

To live in the world and not be embittered by its ever-present pain and injustice is the great spiritual journey.  To live in today's 24/7 media world is to walk a mental minefield, for what the media present as news and newsworthy is not.  What is newsworthy is that forgiveness, peace, understanding, and love have existed since the beginning of all time and to continue and grow each day.

Today, the world is filled with billions of people who are seeking to help each other, to love each other, and to find a common way forward.  While it does not sell newspapers or gather Neilson ratings (except for Oprah), it is the larger truth of our human nature.

Our First Principle is that there is only One Power, God everywhere and everything.  One of our primary spiritual practices is Prayer, the deep knowing that because there is only one God, everything is in Divine Order.  This Sunday, we honor our Prayer Chaplains with our annual installation service and celebrate the gift of prayer as we shift our consciousness away from FAKE NEWS and toward the eternal truth of Divine Love.