Principles in Practice: A Spiritual Support & Growth Group

Event Date: 
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Principles in Practice: A Spiritual Support & Growth Group

With Dave Cooperberg, MA, MFT, LUT
Mondays, February 18th - March 25th
7:00 - 9:00 PM

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Principles can be fine intellectual constructs through which to express our understanding - but unless they are actively used in our lives, they remain only theories.  In this group, members will support each other in finding ways to use Unity principles and teachings to better manifest the lives we want.

Unlike a class studying a specific book or scripture, the focus of this interactive group is on our own lives.  Working with professional guidance, members will help each other to consciously find and affirm those Unity principles that specifically address each person's needs.

This group requires a six-week commitment in order to develop the safety and knowledge of one another needed for deeper work.  It will be closed to new members at the second session.  After a brief break, we will have an opportunity to repeat the process for another six weeks.  Group membership is limited to eight total participants.


  • General knowledge of the Five Basic Unity Principles
  • Membership in a Unity Church
  • Approval of the facilitator