Recognize the Divine

During Rev. Ken's sabbatical, Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency will be contributing to the weekly blog.

Every day is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Divine.  As we dive into the Three Faces of God this month, the invitation this week is to acknowledge and name the Divine that is present in everything around you.  Everything?  Yes, everything!

As I drove over the Bay Bridge today, I found myself laughing as I sat in all that morning traffic.  It was a perfect opportunity to practice!  And with new eyes, I saw a concrete example of Abundance.  Cars everywhere, as far as the eye could see.  And as I acknowledged that aspect of the Divine, my experience began to shift.  I looked even deeper and I noticed all of the ingenuity and innovation in the differing designs, shapes, sizes, and colors in this sea of cars.  I felt another shift - I was sitting amidst a sea of Creativity!  What a beautiful reminder of how to hold and be present wtih my day differently.  And how empowering to know that Creativity and Abundance are present as my life.

When we recognize the Divine, we create an avenue for us to realize the Divine.  My practice continues - today, I am looking for Abundance and Creativity, and for ways to express those qualities myself.  Take a moment and really look around you.  Make a list of the Divinity that you see.  Let yourself be inspired.  Recognize the Divine so that you may more powerfully realize it.