Reflections on "Moana"

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure telling the spiritual story of Disney's Moana with the help and support of our amazing music team.  What a joy it was and continues to be!  At the beginning of the talk, I challenged the congregation to look for the connections between their own journey and Moana’s voyage on the seas of the South Pacific. However, I was not prepared for the wave of tears that flowed as I described the culmination of her and our journeys.

As I watched the video, I saw what so many experienced on Sunday, and I, too, shed tears. We have all experienced the pain of having our heart stolen from us, or been the recipient of someone’s anger when they have experienced deep pain or grief themselves. Yet there is still another element in this story: the understanding and possibility of the rebirth for which we all long. This telling of the Hero's Journey is our story of healing and wholeness.

Today, I challenge you to watch and see the hero you are!