Rising Up!

The season of Easter is special for many reasons.  It is a reminder for us in the northern hemisphere that the earth is awakening from its winter of rest.  The vivid display of life and color emerging from the barren landscape shows us that appearances can be deceiving.  It is our annual reminder that we get to rise and start anew.

The Easter story told in the Gospels is about the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.  We in Unity know that this story is our story and that the people represented in the Gospels are aspects of our being and personality.  When we see the Easter narrative through the lens of our spiritual or human journey, we can see our path of awakening right before our eyes.

This Sunday, we will once again lift up our hearts, hands, and voices to celebrate our personal resurrection and renewal.  Join us and help us make a joyful noise!